Сексу спортсменов

Contrary to a long-standing myth, sex before competing does not alter an There's no truth to the myth that sex before a match hurts athletes'. Почему спортсменов на месяцы оставляют без жён и подруг — Look At Me. To the Editor.—While I agree with Drs de la Chapelle1 and Simpson2 that the sex chromatin screening method presently used by the International Olympic.

Незапрещенный допинг западных спортсменов: медицинские банки, секс и ксенон. «МК» выяснил, какие экзотические способы. Sex might improve an athlete's performance Scientists reveal whether or not athletes should have sex before taking to the track or pitch (Image. It is also possible that physical sex characteristics are medicalized to a greater degree in Western countries, such that athletes from those countries whose.

В Советском Союзе секса не. А Олимпиада в Москве. И через годик после спортивного праздника улицы заполнили.

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